Monmouth County Restaurant Owner Under Fire After Making Anti Trump Comments on Facebook


ASBURY PARK, NJ – Last year, Governor Phil Murphy served Thanksgiving at the Longosta Lounge in Asbury Park.  This week, restaurant owner Marilyn Schlossbach entered the political arena to bash President Donald J. Trump and invited her followers on Facebook to attend a “Dump Trump” rally.

“Not about Democrats or Republicans. I like lots of people in both parties. This man is a horrible human being and I’m scared to live in a country that supports 4 more years of anger, hate and reality tv,” Schlossbach posted on social media. “So many of us are working hard, being kind to our planet and our communities, paying out the wazoo for healthcare and doing the right thing to grow and move forward as human beings. Please let go of your party affiliation and tap into your humanity!”

The “Dump Trump” protest was aimed at the President’s high profile fundraiser this weekend in Elberon, a small and wealthy beachfront community just south of Asbury Park with a large Jewish population.

Since bashing Trump, thousands have vowed to boycott the Longosta Lounge, claiming the owner of the restaurant should have stuck to serving food instead of attacking the President.

“Some of the hateful comments on my personal and business accounts are very hurtful to myself, my family and my team. Please understand that these attacks cause great anxiety and sadness. If you can not agree to disagree on our many varied views, please stop following me,” Schlossbach said on Sunday. “I am removing all posts that incite anger. I love the dialog and some of it makes for a great read. Some of it is very hurtful.”

Now, Schlossbach could lose customers for her political views during a time when even Governor Murphy’s COVID-19 restaurant shutdown continues with no end in sight. The restaurant’s Facebook page today was charged with comments against the comments made about the President, the restaurant and even the owner.

“We used to eat here all the time .. I would NEVER set foot in your restaurant ever again .. sad because your margaritas were awesome but I will have to do without. Hope you go out of business,” said customer Jennifer Sica.

“So much for “bringing people together!” Your political views and rally are doing just the opposite. So glad I don’t patronize your establishments…now I never will.,” said Sharon Rusnak.

Many others called for a boycott of the Longosta Lounge.

“Never going there again! I hope you learn a lesson never mix politics in your business!!You alienated a lot of your customers!! STUPID MOVE ….so many other great places to go,” said Susan Philips.

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