BLM Attacking Random People, Shutting Down Restaurants, Climbing Into Homes in Rochester

ROCHESTER, NY –  In New York State Friday night, violent BLM protesters crashed several restaurants and bars, forcing diners to get up and leave the businesses before the riot spilled out into the streets.  The Black Lives Matter movement has gone far beyond a peaceful protest in many areas of the country and has turned into roaming bands of destructive thugs.   In response to the unrest caused by BLM and ANTIFA since May 30th, gun sales in New Jersey are at an all-time high as residents seek to arm themselves in case the violence shows up in their neighborhood.

The rioters violently forced people to get up from their dinners and leave, throwing objects and breaking windows in videos posted on social media.

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The videos captured below show BLM rioters attacking innocent victims and randomly targeting people in the streets of Rochester, New York.