Geoghegan’s Howell Recreation Shut Down Could Last Two More Weeks

HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – With just a few weekends left before the cold weather moves into the area, Howell Township Business Manager Brian Geoghegan said on Wednesday that his park shutdown could last up to two weeks.   That was the message Geoghegan, a resident of Toms River told the community in a prepared statement shortly after walking back his total park closure.  Initially, Geoghegan ordered the full shutdown of parks, including sports fields that would have effectively ended the fall seasons for many sports.  Later in the day, Geoghegan announced that sports teams would be allowed to continue using the town’s parks, but that playgrounds and other “high touch” areas would remain closed until the parks have been sanitized.

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According to the CDC and most scientific studies, the COVID-19 virus doesn’t survive more than a few minutes on surfaces when exposed to direct sunlight.

Geoghegan’s closure, according to a release issued by the township was due to the high rate of infection of COVID-19 in nearby Lakewood and after resident complaints were lodged regarding large crowds of Orthodox Jewish residents using parks.   Geoghegan said high activity in the parks by Orthodox Jewish visitors were reported, claiming many were not social distancing or wearing masks.



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