Buying Large Mansions: BLM founder defends $3.2 Million Real Estate Empire

Patrice Cullors - BLM. Photo by PatriceCullors .com

Black Lives Matter founder Patrice Kahn-Cullors denies that she used funds raised by the successful non-profit group to grow her personal real estate holdings to $3.2 million, but her organization also isn’t opening their books.

Cullors claims she is a volunteer for BLM and never took money from the organization.

“I have never taken a salary from the Black Lives Matters Global Networks Foundation,” she said.

Cullors purchased four expensive homes as BLM fundraising hit the roof in 2020. The organization raised a whopping $90,000,000 and as many chapters say they did not receive any of that money, the organization won’t say who did receive the money.

“I’m a college professor, first of all,” she claimed. “I also am a TV producer. And I have had two book deals.

She said she bought those four homes as investment properties for herself and her family. She is also accused of living a lavish lifestyle while her front-line soldiers battle with police and march on the streets all across America.

“The fact that the right wing media is trying to create hysteria around my spending is frankly racist, and sexist,” she rebutted.

Source: NY POST

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