Ciattarelli pockets another $269,000 in taxpayer funds for political campaign


TRENTON, NJ – The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission today confirmed that Republican candidate for governor has just received an additional $269,390 in public taxpayer funds to continue his political campaign for governor. The announcement comes one day after Ciattarelli faced off against his opponent Hirsh Singh on NJ 101.5 in the campaign’s first and possibly only debate.

Ciattarelli has now received $4,399,564 in public funds for his campaign this year. Under NJELEC state law, Ciattarelli has to participate in two public debates with Singh to receive the funds. As of today with less than two weeks before the June 8th primary election, there is not a scheduled second debate.

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“The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) has approved $296,390 in public matching funds for the 2021 gubernatorial primary campaign of one candidate. The recipient is Jack Ciattarelli, who is seeking the Republican nomination this June. To date, Ciattarelli has qualified for almost $4.4 million in public funds,” NJ ELEC said in a statement today.

Ciattarelli is now just $200,000 shy of maxing out his total eligible amount for public funds in a campaign that has officially turned into a dumpster fire all around. More on that tomorrow.

If Ciattarelli wins the primary election, his campaign could end up costing taxpayers upwards of $15.1 million.

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“Under the Gubernatorial Public Financing program, which began in 1974, candidates who raise $490,000 or more can qualify for public matching funds. Primary candidates are eligible for up to $4.6 million in public funds. In exchange, other than a few exceptions, they must limit their total primary spending to $7.3 million,” NJ elect said in a statement.