Five big tech companies now control the message in America and can wipe out anyone at anytime

A bearded man with duct tape over his mouth. The concept of censorship.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio highlighted the dangers of the big 5 tech companies, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Apple and Google have the power to control the messaging in America and to eradicate any voices or speech they feel. The problem became more evident when the Big 5 united to silence a sitting American President, Donald Trump in January then began eradicating platforms and competitors such as the Parler social media app.

Each of the five companies are heavily involved in Democrat funded politics and causes and have taken aggressive stances against Republicans, Conservatives and even liberals who fall out of line with the general direction the left wants to take America. They do so under the guises of racism, bullying, fact checking and sometimes, simply for no valid reason at all.

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