Ciattarelli slams Murphy’s “It’s hot outside, that’s why people are killing each other” comment

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Old man cleaning neck and sweat with wet wipes on street on hot summer day, blurred urban city background

LONG BRANCH, NJ – If you’re paying close attention to what Governor Phil Murphy is saying these days, you might be somewhat frightened for what the future will hold in the Garden State. On Monday, Murphy blamed the increase in inner-city shootings and murders on Mother Nature.

Yes, it seems global warming…or at least a typical hot and humid Jersey summer is being blamed for the countless shootings and deaths happening around the state…at least according to Phil Murphy’s criminal science expertise.

New Jersey has an out of control inner-city crime and gun problem and it has nothing to do with gun control or the so-called assault rifles. In cities across the state, including PatersonNewarkCamdenTrenton and Atlantic City, inner-city violence in minority neighborhoods is on the rise.

“Everybody wants to get out there and unshackle themselves from this pandemic,” Murphy said of the rise in violent crime across the state. “Listen, it’s not specific to Atlantic City. This is not unique to New Jersey. There’s a lot of behavior right now. I suspect partly due to coming out from the pandemic; 95 degree, high humidity weather does not help. There’s a lot of kinetic activity in the state right now and in the country.”

Wait, what?

Now, NJ Republican Jack Ciattarelli, an obvious fan of Shore News Network picked up on our story Tuesday and responded to the insanity that came out of the governor’s mouth Monday afternoon.

“Once again, Governor Phil Murphy’s response, this time on New Jersey’s rising crime rate, is totally unacceptable and profoundly embarrassing,” Ciattarelli said (pronounced Chit-a-relly). “There is one reason crime is on the rise and it’s not the pandemic, the heat, the humidity, or any other made-up excuse – it’s Governor Phil Murphy. Our Governor’s actions, policies, and words have undermined public respect for, and the authority of, our brave men and women in law enforcement.”

Ciattarelli said Murphy has gone off the deep end, aligning himself with the far radical left of his party that blames rising rates of violence on everyone and everything but the criminals themselves.

” The sad reality is that Atlantic City and our communities across the state will continue to get more dangerous so long as we have a governor who panders to the extremists in his national party, all at the expense of public safety in our state,” Ciattarelli said.

So for now, if it’s hot outside and you live in one of the cities experiencing a crime wave, our advice is to turn on the air conditioner, drink some cold Gatorades and don’t venture out into the heat…it might drive you to murder…at least according to Governor Phil Murphy.