Two teens shot, one killed in Trenton


TRENTON, NJ – Two teenagers were shot and one was killed in Trenton after midnight on July 5th.  The incident happened near Prospect Street and Stuyvesant Avenue at around 12:45 am.  Dion Ellis, 16, of Trenton was pronounced dead at the scene.  He was a city employee who worked a job as a lifeguard.

“The Trenton Police Department is assisting the Mercer County Homicide Task Force in the effort to solve this horrible crime,” the Trenton Police Department said in a statement. “When the lives of our young people are taken in this manner, I take it personally and will dedicate as many resources as possible to stemming the violence.”

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“His mom told me about how he was starting a business as a designer. The City lost not just a vibrant life, but one that protected our children. God bless his family and friends,” Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora said

Violence swept through Trenton and New Jersey this past weekend.

“We’re seeing senseless violence touch us once again during a weekend when we should feel safe as we celebrate with friends and family,” Gusciora said. “The city has lost not just a vibrant life, but one that protected our children.”