Cleveland Indians ditch Chief Wahoo, but keep sexist Diva hot dog mascot


CLEVELAND, OH – The Cleveland Indians have ditched Chief Wahoo, their beloved mascot of over 50 years and their ‘racially insensitive” name, but are keeping their sexist hot dog diva mascot.

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“Onion” as she is known is a heavily made-up caricature of a woman toting a leopard print bag, heavy mascara, huge hoop earrings, bright red lipstick, and wrapped up in a hot dog bun will remain on as a symbol of the team’s new direction of wokeness and social sensitivity.

Perhaps if the Indians, or should we say “Guardians” are serious about their new position on progressive ideals, they should make all of their mascots non-gendered characters that don’t degrade women, painting them as vain, shallow, object-oriented shoppers who are wrapped up in a hot dog bun.

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Onion looks more like a character out of the movie “Sausage Party” than a Major League Baseball mascot.