Phil Murphy now has his pandemic powers back and the media remains silent


TRENTON, NJ – For weeks, Shore News Network has been warning New Jersey residents that back door in the bill signed by Governor Phil Murphy to officially end the pandemic had a trojan horse that would soon give the governor back his pandemic powers.

Most in the New Jersey media stopped paying attention once the bill was signed into law, but this past week, the trigger necessary for Murphy to have his pandemic powers reinstated his been pulled. With an RT above 1 across the state, Governor Phil Murphy now has his pandemic power and now, state legislators fear he’s going to use those powers and the COVID-19 delta variant to impose martial law across the state once again.

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The law automatically invokes his authority. There are no hearings. There aren’t any debates. Nothing has to be signed. As Andrew Cuomo says, “It is what it is”.

Finally, another media outlet, NJ101.5 has taken notice.