Murphy says vaccine mandate, testing for unvaccinated children in schools are both “on the table”


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy on Monday said he’s not ruling out a possible vaccination mandate for all eligible residents in the state. While today, Murphy said he remains committed to his current plan, he would not rule out the possibility for a future child vaccination mandate.

Murphy also showed support for Hoboken’s vaccination mandate. When asked about the large number of parents who will not let their children be vaccinated if they’re in one of those districts that decide to mandate it, would he support those policies?

“On mandating, I think one district, in particular, Hoboken, is the one that has stepped up to do that. As a statewide matter – I’ll give you two parts to the answer,” Murphy said. “We feel comfortable as I sit here on August 30th with the package that we’ve got in place for the state, which is a combination of vaccination mandate, if not multiple testings per week, and masking for everybody. We think that is sufficient given the data that we’re looking at right now.”

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“As we’ve said so many times, all considerations are on the table. I think we feel comfortable that we’ve put in place the package that achieves that safety objective, and we’re going to continue to monitor it clearly,” Murphy said.

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