Biden handler shuts down UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson mid-sentence during meeting with President

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WASHINGTON, DC – A bizarre incident unfolded in the Oval Office of the White House and U.S. President Joe Biden sat down for a face-to-face meeting with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson. As Prime Minister Johnson was speaking, he was cut off mid-sentence by a screaming female White House aide.

“Ok, thank you, thank you, let’s go,” she shouted as she quickly forced the media out of the room and denied Johnson a chance to speak. “Let’s go!”

The rude interruption occurred after Johnson invited questions from the media, something the Biden administration does not often do.

After Sky News’ Beth Rigby asked if Biden was going to prioritize the UK-US trade deal because of conflicts with the Northern Ireland Protocol, the President said he doesn’t feel “very strongly” about keeping the Irish border open.

“They’re two separate issues.  On the deal with the UK, that’s continuing to be discussed.  But on the protocols, I feel very strongly about those,” Biden replied. “We spent an enormous amount of time and effort in the United States.  It was a major bipartisan effort made.  And I — I would not at all like to see — nor, I might add, would many of my Republican colleagues like to see — a change in the Irish courts that — the end result having a closed border again.”

“That is absolutely right.  And I — on that point, Joe, you know, we are — we are completely at one.  And I think nobody wants to see anything that interrupts or unbalances the Belfast Good Friday Accord — that’s the Belfast Good Friday Agreement,” Johnson replied.

That is, except for the Biden aide that interrupted the Prime Minister and shut down the meeting between two of the world’s most powerful leaders.

Johnson tried to finish his response but was shut down by the White House aide as she continued screaming at reporters to leave the room.