New York Police arrest unvaccinated black woman, protesters at Queens Applebee’s

QUEENS, NY – It’s not certain what happened here, but New York City Police are seen arresting a black woman who was trying to purchase a meal at a Queen’s Applebee’s. Her crime was that she was unvaccinated. Police reminded the woman, “It’s the law.”

The woman claims to have also lost her job in the New York City school system for being unvaccinated.

“Can’t work, can’t eat,” she said as police were slapping on the cuffs. “I want to eat. You guys are busting me over this bullshit.”

Another white male asked, “What happened to the Constitution? What happened to free speech?” as he was pulled out of the restaurant in handcuffs.

A crowd of protesters shouted, “No more mandates!” as police cuffed the protesters one by one and arrested.

In contrast, in the past, during Black Lives Matter protests in New York City, police officers frequently did not respond to looting, protesting, rioting, or sometimes loud and often violent demonstrations inside city businesses.

The New York City Police Department did not respond for comment or issue a statement on this matter.

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