Two Arrested in Trenton Trying to Sell Eight Pounds of Marijuana

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TRENTON, NJ – Two men were arrested in Trenton after officers witnessed a suspected drug transfer in the area of Grand Street and Malone Street.

According to police, on Saturday, detectives were patrolling the area after reports of high crime and traffic violations.

“While in the area, the detectives observed a vehicle double parked in the area of Grand St. detectives stopped to investigate the parking violation coupled with the suspicious activity they observed as they pulled up in the area,” the Trenton Police Department said. “While speaking with the driver detectives observed a black garbage bag on the floor of the front passenger’s side and a backpack discarded on the front passenger’s seat. A narcotics dog was requested and arrived on scene.”

Police said a consensual search from the driver revealed the bag containing approximately 8 pounds of CDS marijuana.

After searching the backpack, police found more marijuana, a large amount of currency, and a digital scale. Both parties was taken into custody without incident.

Michael M Ellis, 35 of Burlington and and Deyon Robinson, 40 of Trenton were both arrested for intent to distribute and money laundering.

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