21-Year-Old Charged for Fatal Hit and Run in Raleigh

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Yellow law enforcement tape isolating crime scene. Blurred view of city, toned in red and blue police car lights

RALEIGH, NC – A 21-year-old Raleigh man was arrested and charged for a fatal hit and run crash that left a woman dead in the 4400 block of Capital Boulevard.

The crash happened Sunday morning when a vehicle driven by Caleb Ethan Pressley, 21, struck and killed the woman. Pressley, according to the police then fled the scene of the crime. The woman was pronounced dead.

Today, Raleigh Police Department has charged Caleb Ethan Pressley with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle in connection with the incident.

Police revealed the woman was standing on the shoulder and not attempting to cross the street when Pressley’s vehicle drifted into the shoulder striking and killing her.