New Yorker with injured dog threatened to kill New Jersey animal shelter volunteer

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Secaucus police officer - File Photo - Secaucus Police Dept.

SECAUCUS, NJ – Police said today that a man who was arrested after an outburst at the Secaucus Animal Shelter was found to have loaded guns.

The man entered the shelter at 525 Meadowlands Parkway and began arguing with shelter volunteers over the facility’s procedures regarding injured animals.

Police said the man tried to turn over an injured dog and threatened to punch one of the volunteer workers.

Police arrested Cordell Phillip, 24, of College Point, New York, after he threatened another volunteer, claiming he had a gun.

Phillip left the facility and was stopped by police on Meadowlands Parkway near the shelter.

“He informed the police that he was in possession of a gun. Cordell Phillip was arrested and found in possession of a Keltec “Sub 2000” .40 caliber semi-automatic carbine and Panther Arms DPMS BB rifle. A search of Cordell Phillip’s vehicle uncovered a loaded .40 caliber Glock handgun magazine along with a separate “high capacity” handgun magazine,” the department said in a statement after the arrest.

“I am thankful that nobody was injured in this incident, and I remain hopeful that our criminal justice system prevails and the defendant will be held accountable for threatening innocent volunteers,” Chief Dennis Miller said.