Restaurant Management Co. of Wichita Inc. Selects Branch to Power Cashless Tips, Faster Pay, and Fee-Free Financial Services to Workforce

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Pizza Hut Franchisee Saves Administrative Time, Offers New Financial Wellness Benefits

Restaurant Management Co. of Wichita Inc. Selects Branch to Power Cashless Tips, Faster Pay, and Fee-Free Financial Services to WorkforceMinneapolis, MN  (-)  Restaurant Management Company of Wichita Inc. (RMC), one of the largest Pizza Hut franchisees in the nation, has selected leading workforce payments platform Branch to deliver cashless tips and streamline other payments to workers.

Implementing Branch addresses RMC’s challenges of managing large quantities of cash on hand as customers increasingly prefer to pay via card and the manual data entry required by other solutions. Traditional solutions such as paycards often require additional validation and are limited in their usage, resulting in low adoption. Integrating with their data management solution, Branch offers RMC and other Pizza Hut franchisees increased efficiency, accuracy, and control over digital payments to workers. The solution has already been adopted by more than 80 percent of employees in just a few months.

“As people increasingly used digital forms of payment in our stores, paying out drivers with cash at the end of the night made managing cash on hand much more difficult,” said Hal Wes McCoy, Family Business Owner at RMC. “Using Branch has alleviated our concerns with cash and the limitations of paycards by eliminating the need for manual entry and offering a slew of engaging financial tools for our employees that can meet their everyday needs. Branch’s responsiveness and attention to detail ensured that rollout to all of our stores went as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

Along with fast, cashless distribution of tips, the partnership also provides workers a suite of free financial services including a digital wallet backed by an FDIC-insured checking account for direct deposit and digital tips, up to two-day early paycheck, paycard alternative, free instant access to earned wages, and other cash flow management tools. Able to connect to a variety of financial applications and accounts, Branch’s fee-free financial services offer RMC employees greater flexibility and visibility into managing their funds. Rather than waiting for payroll to process, employees can easily access their earned wages to meet timely expenses.

 “Many employees have found that they love Branch because it offers them a better way to manage their money–it gives them greater visibility into what they are truly making and, if needed, allows them to quickly deposit their earnings to pay their bills,” continued McCoy.

“RMC exemplifies how restaurants can embrace the larger movement toward cashless tips by adopting new solutions that can not only truly streamline payments but also benefit workers and managers alike,” said Jeremy Langness, Director of Partnerships at Branch. “We’re proud to partner with companies like RMC that are committed to creating great experiences for both their customers and employees.”

Branch is available to Jimmy John’s franchises and locations across the United States. To learn more, visit

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