COOL CAT OF THE DAY~ REX Rex is still waiting folks, and is wondering when it wi…

Rex is still waiting folks, and is wondering when it will be his turn to get noticed. Rex came to us way back in January 2013 when we were called to pick up a stray cat. Rex had a microchip, but it was registered to someone several towns away. When we called, the number was disconnected. It is probably best that Rex came to us, rather than go back to his “home”. Rex was very neglected, thin, and infested with fleas. This sweet boy needed lots of good care and once he got it, he because the happiest cat around. Rex thinks of his former life as just a bad memory, and he looks forward to starting over with a loving family that will never let him go again. He is just so friendly and easy going, and would fit in well with any good family. Rex loves everyone he meets and even gets along great with other cats. He resides in our free roaming area and spends his days socializing with the other cats, greeting visitors, and napping on a favorite perch. While he is quite content now, he still dreams of a home of his own, with a family to love him, cuddle with him, and welcome him with open arms. Please consider giving our lovable Rex the lifetime of happiness that he deserves. File#22228 1/18/13
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