The owner of this sweet Pit Bull allegedly abandoned her dog on the front porch…

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The owner of this sweet Pit Bull allegedly abandoned her dog on the front porch of a friend in Keansburg — a fabrication that indicates this dog has had a miserable, uncaring, irresponsible existence. The Keansburg resident has had the dog for several months and while under her care, “Tiny” had four pups.

The AHS was called to pick up the Pit Bull as an abandoned stray, our staff noted that she was heavy laden with milk. It was obvious that this was not a long-standing condition and needed to be remedied. The Keansburg resident was contacted who advised that she gave away the pups before giving Tiny to the shelter. It was obvious, that the pups were much too young to be weaned and contacted three of those who were given pups so that they could be reunited with Mom and given a healthy chance at survival. Unfortunately, all efforts to find the fourth pup has gone unresolved.

Since Tiny was originally brought to AHS as a “stray”, the staff scanned for a microchip and found it! The AHS contacted the Monmouth County SPCA who had registered the chip information. According to the MC SPCA, the original owner resides in Middletown and was charged with breeding, cruelty, etc. in 2012. Tiny needs a new road — a new life and a new home to a better existence than the one that she has had for a very long time.

Tiny (and her trio) are doing well and the happy look on Mom’s face is obvious that she was reunited with her babies after they have been prematurely taken away from her. Bluey, Violet and Periwinkle will be ready for adoption in a few weeks. The family is at the AHS Tinton Falls facility. For more information, call AHS Tinton Falls at 732-922-0100 or email them at:

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