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Hirsh Singh: Democrat Party Has Lost Their Minds and Cory Booker is Leading the Way

NEW YORK-Indian-American Hirsh Singh traveled to Texas to attend a Trump Rally with 50,000 other Indian Americans earlier this month and said that the Indian community in America is united behind President.

Singh brushed off comments by the Democrats and the mainstream media that Trump is a racist.

“If President Trump is racist, he’s the worst racist that has ever lived in the history of this country,” Singh said. “We have the lowest unemployment for every ethnic group in this country…since the start of this country.”

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Singh also noted that Trump’s presidency has also delivered the lowest unemployment rate for women in America.

He also took shots at Democrat U.S. Senator Cory Booker saying his role in the Senate has returned no results for citizens in New Jersey, saying he couldn’t get anything done when there was a Democrat president and he still can’t get anything done while he moonlights on the campaign trail.

“The Democrat party has lost their minds and Cory Booker is leading the way,” Singh said. “He’s got just 1% in the polls and he cares more about this mockery of running for president than he does about taking care of our citizens.”

Singh: President Trump Worst Racist Ever

Posted by Shore News Network on Thursday, November 14, 2019

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