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Jack Ciattarelli: Murphy Punishing Those Who Are Compliant for Those Few Who Are Not

Does Governor Murphy’s closure of state parks create a mental health problem in addition to the current viral outbreak? One Jersey man thinks so.

TRENTON-New Jersey has just been ordered by its Governor, Phil Murphy to stay in your house and your neighborhood.  For many, that’s not an option, especially for those living in crowded urban areas and no backyards.

Social distancing remains the number one method to flatten the coronavirus curve, but did Murphy go too far?  Jack Ciattarelli thinks so.  Ciatarrelli ran for governor against Murphy in 2017 during the Republican primary, but lost to Kim Guadagno.  Now, he’s running again and he has some words of advice for Murphy.

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“Listen, we get it, shelter in place and safe social distancing are keys to flattening the curve,” Ciattarelli said. “So is mental health.”

Ciattrelli said Governor Phil Murphy is punishing everyone who maintains full compliance of his previous executive order for those few who are not.

“For many people, our state and county parks are critical outlets especially in our urban and high density areas,” Ciattarelli said. “Is there no way for people to enjoy passive recreation while steadfastly observing safe social distancing?”

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Ciattarelli asked why the Governor continues hurting those who are following the rules and asked, “Are we going to close the supermarkets next?”


Today, Governor Murphy issued an executive order closing all state and county parks across New Jersey. For many, these parks are critically important outlets – allowing for outdoor recreation even while steadfastly maintaining social distancing. I urge the Governor to reconsider.

Posted by Jack Ciattarelli on Tuesday, April 7, 2020

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