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NY Post Reports “Armed Rednecks” Defend Businesses; Cut Out Armed Black Men Also Defending Businesses with Them

The New York Post on Thursday reported these two “armed rednecks” and “Two bearded men with long rifles strapped to their chests” menaced the city with their guns in part of some overall white vs. black narrative by reporter Lia Eustachewich.  Either Eustachewich didn’t look deeper into the story, or she was looking for a good race-baiting headline, we’re not sure, but a quick two minutes of searching on social media proved this entire narrative by the mainstream media as false.

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“A second armed man told the Minnesota Reformer he and his friend had been roaming the city to see which store owners needed help,” Eustachewich reported.    The photo below shows the real story and the other men who were also defending their neighborhood.  Two of those men are black men, but that doesn’t fit the liberal media narrative that rednecks are running around Minneapolis menacing and shooting at the protestors and looters destroying their city around them.

There is no race war, in fact, there’s racial unity in the city outside of the thugs protesting, looting and burning down their own neighborhoods.

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