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Two Buffalo Police Officers Suspended After Assaulting Elderly Man

BUFFALO, NY – The Buffalo Police Department announced tonight that two of its police officers have been placed on suspension after a video that went viral worldwide showed officers pushing the man to the ground.  The elderly man fell to the ground and smashed the back of his head on the concrete.  Blood poured from the back of his head and his ears as he lied motionlessly on the ground.  Police continued on initially without giving him any medical treatment. Approximately two-dozen officers stood by and watched as the man, who was questioning incoming officers about their impending use of force, was pushed to the ground by three officers.  EMT’s embedded with the officers then began treating the elderly man.

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Buffalo Police Commissioner Byron C. Lockwood, said two officers were placed on immediate suspension and the department is investigating the incident.

“The Buffalo Police Commissioner has immediately suspended two police officers tonight who were seen on video pushing an elderly man to the ground. An internal affairs investigation is currently underway into the incident,” Lockwood said.

Calls from the public in Buffalo and nationwide have been made for the department to terminate the employment of both officers.



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🤬🤬🤬 Look at what the damn Buffalo, New York Police Department (@buffalo_police_dept) did to this man!!!⁣⁣He’s a Senior Citizen. They shoved the hell out of him and busted his head wide open. ⁣⁣Again, THIS IS CRIMINAL ASSAULT. ⁣⁣Please, please tell me their names and badge numbers. ⁣⁣I also want to acknowledge that many good hearted white people are out here putting their bodies on the line. We see you. ⁣⁣Please follow @GrassrootsLaw RIGHT NOW. ⁣⁣Then sign up to VOLUNTEER WITH US, right now. ⁣⁣Go to or click the link in my bio.

Posted by Shaun King on Thursday, June 4, 2020

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