Inside Corruption: Fozman to Get Patronage Job at County Connection

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BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank B. Holman and his crew of corrupt cronies are once again giving their most loyal political soldiers public jobs as rewards for political service to the party.  Enter Vera and James Fozman. Lifelong Democrats, fighting for the Blue Wave in Brick Township, the Fozmans “Walked Away” from the Democrat Party in 2018.  Heck, let’s not sugar coat it, they were forced out of the Democrat Party because even the radical champaign socialists that run the town had enough of them.  The 2019 campaign ad below will explain a little bit more why they kicked the Fozmans out.

They ran into the arms of a party that was unwilling to take them in, the Brick Republicans and Ocean County Republicans.  The Fozmans provided the party with intel on Democrats across Ocean County in return for sanctuary within the GOP.  That was the ticket they needed. Years of dirt, unflattering photos of Democrats and the Democrat’s little black book of secrets.

Few in the GOP trusted them, but there was a war to be fought and as in any war, defectors become assets, especially when they are seeking political asylum and willing to dish the dirt on their former colleagues in exchange for free tickets to expensive dinner fundraisers and a spot on the 2019 Brick Republican Party ticket.   As the Fozman stock rose within GOP circles, they became one of the royal couples of the party in just a few short months.

The Fozmans wanted to take back what was taken from them in Brick by their now arch-nemesis, Mayor John Ducey.  Ducey and his team essentially threw them to the curb.

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In 2018, the Fozmans clung to Jackson Mayor Michael Reina and provided intel and support on the Democrat ticket in Jackson.  Those Democrats were defeated after the Fozmans produced photos of Tracey Yostpile to the Jackson GOP which immediately branded their opponent as the “Pink Pussyhat Social Justice Warrior” and it turned off even the most moderate Democrat and unsatisfied Republicans who ran back to embattled Mayor Michael Reina, because, well, nobody wants a mayor who wears a pink pussy hat and at least Reina “ain’t no homo“, or worse a pink pussyhat wearing social justice warrior.

Then in 2019, they were rewarded with Jim Fozman’s name being on the Brick Republican Club ticket in 2019.  The Fozmans lost badly and so did the Brick Republicans.  Brick residents were on to their game…they had enough.  Now, with nowhere to go and nowhere to call home, Ocean County Freeholders Garry Quinn, Jerry Little and Virginia Haines feel bad for the Fozmans.   Jim’s wife Vera needs a job and at the direction of Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman, there’s now a new job for Ms. Fozman awaiting her at the Ocean County Connection in the Ocean County Mall.

The board of freeholders, according to several sources within the county’s top levels has confirmed that Fozman is lined up for a job in reward for all of her hard work supporting party politics since switching her political allegiance from the Democrats to the Republicans.   On Wednesday, the Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders is expected to vote on Fozman’s appointment.  After this is published, we hope the freeholders realize how bad their decision to support Frank Holman’s lust for pay to play really is.

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This week, Fozman attended  the  Southern Ocean County Republicans meeting, a splinter faction of the Ocean County Republicans,  where she promptly trashed Shore News Network and the man who helped her get into the Republican Party.  Dearest Vera, you should have at least made sure the job was yours first.   They carried a message to the fringe Republicans from Holman and McGuckin, “Execute Order 66 on Shore News Network”.

“Shore News Network is Bad!” She screamed.  We hear people actually told her to shut up and sit down.

It was their last job before the party crowned Fozman part of the elite club of social welfare recipients by the Holman, Haines, McGuckin Mustache Mafia.

This is how political corruption within Frank Holman’s Mustache Mafia works.  You do Holman a few political favors, help him win some six figure political jobs for himself, a few for Greg McGuckin and Jerry Dasti and next thing you know, poof, you’re a made man with a job, a pension and county health benefits.

Welcome to Ocean County!

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