Watch College Professor Quote Fictional Television Show as Fact Against Trump

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Things are so out of control on the liberal left that college professors attempting to demonize President Donald J. Trump and America are now quoting fictional television shows to indoctrinate their students.  Troy Daughtery, a history professor at Illinois Central College was caught plagiarizing the fiction HBO program, “The Newsroom” in a monologue against America.   Daughtery lashed out against America, quoting one of the more popular quotes from the since-canceled show.  The show aired between 2012 and 2014, when Barack Obama was the President of the Unidted States.  C’mon Mr. Daughtery, if you’re going to bash Trump and America at least use quotes that weren’t directed at the Obama administration back in 2013.

Daughtery’s ratings as a professor are all pretty similar.  He can be quite a liberal douchebag who espouses his political beliefs and disdain for Christianity to his students.

His students call him offensive, “He can be offensive but thats only if you take offensive to his teachings. He doesn’t hold back nor sugar coat everything, but we’re in college so what were you expecting?”

“He is very knowledgable about the material, and he’s not afraid to take jabs at religion and conservatism, which got annoying over the course of the semester. Overall, he’s an ok professor,” another student said.

“Good class, though I think he spent a little too long trying to make sure the class knew he wanted nothing to do with Christianity. Honestly, no views either way, but it took away from the class,” another posted.



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