Public Announcement – Lacey Municipal Police Foundation – Sunday, January 11, 2015

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01 - LMPF Logo - Artwork-PatchLacey Municipal Police Foundation – As Chief of the Lacey Township Police Department, I am proud to announce the formation of a non-profit foundation designed to serve as an integral part of the concerted effort department members are making to better serve the community. Unfortunately, positive efforts are often hampered by the very limited resources available on an annual basis through the municipal budget. The Lacey Municipal Police Foundation will allow for private funds to be utilized to support community-based programs. The application for 501(c)(3) status has been submitted and is currently under federal review. The Lacey Municipal Police Foundation will undoubtedly prove to be a valuable mechanism for bringing the police department even closer to the community we serve each day.

The primary mission of the foundation is to engage the youth of Lacey Township with an emphasis on positive alternatives to drug and alcohol usage. The members of the police department look forward to developing and administering exciting programs for the youth of Lacey Township during 2015, 2016, and beyond.

The first step in an effort to raise funds has been taken through the placement of clothing collection bins at six locations throughout Lacey Township. The clothing bins will provide a source of recurring annual funding to help support programs run through the foundation. In addition to the bins, donations and fundraising activities will be necessary as we move forward. The bins are conspicuously marked with the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation emblem and are at the following locations:

Community Hall (Rt. 9 & Lacey Road, Forked River)

Mill Pond Basketball Court (Parker Avenue, Forked River)

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Gille Park Tennis Courts (Western Blvd., Lanoka Harbor)

Hebrew Park (South Street, Lanoka Harbor)

Huffy Wallis Park (Parkside Drive & Whitcomb Road, Forked River)

Clune Park (Chesapeake Drive, Forked River)

Clothing Bins

Community members can help support the foundation by using the bins to donate unwanted clothing and shoes. Absolutely nothing may be left (dumped) outside the bins. Any items left outside the bins must be treated as illegal dumping and will be discarded.

The Lacey Municipal Police Foundation is a volunteer-based organization, allowing for the funds collected to be used to directly support community programs. As the process of advancing the foundation progresses and specific programs are announced, I will be seeking volunteers to work with department members as needed. This is an exciting time, as both the new and senior members of the police department are looking forward to working with residents and the youth of Lacey Township to make Lacey an even better community.

Any questions regarding the Lacey Municipal Police Foundation may be submitted to me via email through

Chief David A. Paprota, Ed.D.


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