Fromsky Sent Back to Minors


by Phil Stilton

TOMS RIVER-After being called up to the big leagues of county patronage jobs by his wife’s step-uncle, Freeholder Jack Kelly, Michael J. Fromsky packed his bags and went back to the minors in Little Egg Harbor.

Appointed by Kelly to a previously non-existent $115,000 county job in the Ocean County Department of Corrections, things went south after those meddling reporters at the Asbury Park Press called out the illegal roster move by the GOP.

Before being appointed to the patronage job at the county, Fromsky, 52, batted $55,000 per year as the assistant business administrator for Little Egg Harbor of the Southern Ocean County League.

Although Little Egg Harbor’s roster was full after the recall, room was made for Fromsky to play the field as a “Code Enforcement Officer Trainee”, and his previous minor league contract of $55,000 per year was reinstated.

Coach Kelly threw his management team a knuckleball and they claim they never even saw it coming, after hiding his familial relation to Fromsky from team captain John Bartlett and the rest of the freeholders.

Behind the scenes, according to the Asbury Park Press, coach Bartlett quelled the fans screaming foul from the two police unions.  No details of the deal have been announced, but a planned protest at the team’s Wednesday meeting was called off.

On the big league team, PBA 258 said one of their aging veterans should have the position instead of Fromsky, a retired rookie who is making a post-retirement career comeback in the  Southern Ocean League.

As for Coach Kelly, he once again escapes a complete management blunder and break-down, too many to name in such a brief.

Whether or not this off-season blunder hurts the upcoming political season is yet to be seen, but probably not as the Telflon(R) Freeholder shakes off yet another wild pitch he threw into the centerfield bleachers.

The union called off their full-court press against Kelly, most likely knowing a future error by the sitting Freeholder could give them yet another free penalty kick.


Editor’s note: completely fictional political satire.  If the persons depicted in this piece resemble any real-life person or closely resemble any real-life person, entity or place, it is purely coincidental

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