Chabad Hearing Postponed; Petition Gains Over 4,000 Signatures

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TOMS RIVER-After postponing a zoning board hearing to hear testimony on an application by the Toms River Chabad to use their existing residential structure as a religious school and community center, the Toms River Zoning Board announced the meeting will take place on Toms River North on December 17th.  The meeting is scheduled to start at 7:30 pm.

An online petition is continuing to snowball and gain signatures of those opposed to the formal approval of the Chabad and has passed 4,000 signatures this week.

“As a resident of Toms River, I strongly oppose the variance sought by the owner of 2001 Church Road,” the petition states.  “Allowing the property to operate as a school will have a paralyzing effect on the traffic of an already congested road, and will only get worse as the school expands. This residential area should remain residential, as the zoning laws require. Otherwise, each and every property owner will suffer in the form of raised taxes (to offset the lack of tax revenue from the property), impenetrable traffic, and decreased property values. The neighboring properties need to know that their neighborhood will remain residential. The variance requested by the owners does not meet the standard under the law, and must be denied.”

Despite not having approvals, the Chabad, a tax exempt entity in the State of New Jersey has been operating without approvals for several years, according to the township.

Thursday’s hearing was postponed after township officials learned of the public movement and determined the L. Manuel Hirshblond Meeting Room at town hall would have exceeded the facility’s maximum capacity.

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