Former Christie Aide Rips New Hampshire Voters Days Before Primary

Frank Luna, a former confidant of Governor Chris Christie and a veteran New Jersey GOP operative mocked New Hampshire voters just days ahead of the New Hampshire primary, according to a story on Politicker, NJ.

Luna mocked New Hampshire voters, who in the polls are favoring Donald Trump thus far.

“It looks like Trump and Sanders both have pretty insurmountable leads up in New Hampshire, but I don’t think either will be the nominee for their party.” Luna said.  “Given that New Hampshire roots for a baseball team that didn’t win a World Series for 86 years and a football team that lost to the Giants twice in the Super Bowl, I don’t see why they’d start picking winners now.”

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“Look for a strong showing from Gov. Christie, whose relentless campaigning and field efforts will prove to be a difference maker,” he added.