Foster, Kangaroo at Popcorn Park Dead

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Foster, a kangaroo who was recovering from Toxoplasmosis died last week despite an attempt by park officials to cure and rehabilitate the animal.

“Foster, our young kangaroo who recently came to Popcorn Park from Staten Island, NY unfortunately passed away last week,” the zoo said in a statement  “Shortly after Foster arrived, he began exhibiting symptoms of Toxoplasmosis, a disease that is quite deadly to kangaroos and wallabies. Infected cats are the carriers of this deadly parasite, causing widespread exposure. Kangaroos can have and harbor this parasite for a short time until symptoms begin, so it can be difficult to initially detect. Aggressive therapy was initiated in the beginning of December, as soon as he began exhibiting early signs. He responded well to initial treatments, and seemed to be on the road to recovery. This past Thursday, however, his health took a sudden turn, and after a day of intensive supportive care, poor Foster succumbed to the disease. He will be greatly missed; it was easy to become quickly attached to his gentle manor and loving personality. After just announcing his arrival, we are saddened to let you all know of his passing.”