With Notice Bill Dead, Double Dipping Newspapers Should Cut Rates Anyway

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by Phil Stilton

TRENTON-One thing we learned this past week in the fight between the corporate media lawyers and six-figure executives versus Governor Chris Christie is that newspapers offered to cut public notice rates by two-thirds.

Now that the legislation to strip them of their government funded life support now lies dead on the floor of the statehouse, the newspaper industry of New Jersey should prove to the rest of New Jersey that they’re not the double dipping, taxpayer funded entities that they are.

While newspapers are quick to tell us who in Trenton is a double dipper and who is ripping off consumers, they fail to mention their own feeding at the trough that contributes their own fair to high taxes in New Jersey.

During the fight, they said they could afford to cut rates by two-thirds.  Now is the time for the six-figure salaried newspaper executives who cry poverty to put their…no, our money where their mouth is and voluntarily offer the discount.

Our own local representative of the dishonest media, the Asbury Park Press has had no problems making cuts to its editorial and reporter staff over the years for the sake of corporate greed, bottom lines and stock prices.   Now, all of the sudden they are worried about those very jobs they have nonchalantly chopped on a regular basis for years.

Give the taxpayers their money back so it can be used for more useful projects in our communities.    Even though this is New Jersey, that $80 million can do wonders for the communities you claim to serve.

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In their dishonest self-serving campaign to fight for their government welfare, they once again proved they are part of the dishonest media of America, as they bundled the Chris Christie book deal with a piece of legislation that was fair to the New Jersey taxpayer.

The move was deceitful and devious as publishers and editors gathered in Trenton on Monday, the first time they have been seen in public in decades, to threaten the New Jersey lawmakers.   They outright said whoever votes against their welfare checks, would face revenge and scorn.  They threatened to exact revenge within the pages of their papers, which few read these days, especially here in Ocean County.

The newspaper industry in New Jersey is no better than the double-dipping, tax raiding politicians they claim to be the watchdogs of.

Newspaper is a dying industry, just like fax machines, telegraph, pagers, 8 track tapes, records, smoke signals, morse code and other antiquated mediums of information dissemination.  They don’t deserve the bail out.

If you are interested in this, please call your local newspaper and demand that they come clean and tell us how much tax money they took in from the government this year.