Clean drinking water to be made available for residents with contaminated wells

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JACKSON-Joint Base MDL officials said today that they have not yet received test results back from wells tested in Jackson Township, but if those tests come back with PFOS and PFOA levels that exceed EPA limits, clean water will be provided to those residents.

“Where our activities contaminated drinking water above the Environmental Protection Agency health advisory, we immediately provide safe drinking water and implement long-term steps to ensure safe drinking water, including transitioning to a more environmentally responsible AFFF alternative,”  said Air Force spokesperson Chris Powell.

He added that the Air Force will continue sampling wells in Jackson Township that are near the contamination zone on the the base.   Earlier it was estimated that 40 to 50 homes could be impacted.  Base officials went to those homes to ask residents to allow them to test their well water.

“The Air Force is committed to protecting human health and ensuring safe drinking water for our Airmen and impacted communities,” Powell said. “We are systematically sampling groundwater and soil where Aqueous Film Forming Foam was released, prioritizing release sites with a higher probability of groundwater contamination.”

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Local elected officials have yet to issue a response on the possible well water contamination.

“To date, we have not yet received validated results from the ground water testing that has been conducted,” he concluded.

Residents with well water who are concerned about their water quality can visit Jackson Township’s website, and request a water testing kit.