Dog Shot by Police During Home Raid Rehabilitated by Associated Humane Society


LACEY TWP-A dog that was shot in a police raid on a home in Orange in undergoing rehabilitation at the Associated Humane Society and is getting ready to return to her home.  It’s just one of the many ways AHS and shelters like Lacey Township’s Popcorn Park Zoo help New Jersey’s four legged friends.
That help unfortunately comes as a cost and AHS is using Lucy’s story to help raise money to help other dogs and cats.
“Most of our stories here at Associated Humane Societies are about helping animals that come to us in desperate need, and finding them a good home in the end. But some of the stories are about helping people with their animals as well, and just doing the right thing in the end. With Lucy and her family, we had to do the right thing,” AHS said. “Lucy was one of three dogs that were living their lives with a good family, when a terrible accident occured. It was mid-December when a police raid on a home was taking place for suspected criminal activity. The details were not made very clear to us but from what we can surmise, these dogs were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whether the police went to the wrong home or what the situation was, it didn’t end well for these dogs who got caught up in the confusion. Lucy was shot by the police officers before anyone realized that a mistake had been made and she was injured badly.”An animal control officer from the city of Orange brought Lucy to the AHS- Newark facility and once their staff realized how badly she was injured, she was taken directly to Animal Emergency & Referral Associates in Fairfield.

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Lucy sustained a gunshot wound to the shoulder and required emergency surgery. The surgery went well and Lucy is still recovering in the medical department at the Newark facility where she is feeling like one happy and lucky little lady these days.

Lucy’s family has the other two dogs at home, who were unharmed and well taken care of, and were just devastated about what happened to Lucy.

“Once Lucy is healed, she will be going back home as well. Lucy’s family was not prepared for the $4000 medical bill that we incurred for taking Lucy to the hospital to save her life but in the end, Lucy will wind up back in her good home, with her good family, and that is what we like to see,” AHS said.
“Picking up the tab in a case like this unexpected accident is obviously a bit difficult for us but was the right thing to do. Our Res-Q Fund is designed specifically for the special needs and emergency cases and that fund has been stretched quite thin recently so we would like to ask that if you can, please consider making a donation to our Res-Q Fund,” the AHS added.

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You can help by texting HumaneHelp to 41444 or by clicking here: . Your donation is what helps AHS to always do the right thing for animals that need them. 


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