Relay for Life Fundraiser

My name is Stephanie Brown, and As a tri-lead and Community Champion for Relay for Life – Jackson, I am proud to announce, that starting May 1st, our Flush Out Cancer fundraiser will begin. A purple toilet will be placed on a volunteer resident’s lawn; then $10 will be donated to us for it to be removed; for $20 it will be placed on a friend’s lawn, and $30 will guarantee that it will not show up on your lawn again for the duration of the fundraiser, which is through the end of August. You may go to our Facebook page, “Flush Out Cancer” to sign up, private messaging me your address, or send me an email at . You can also donate without having the toilet on your lawn for just the $10. Our event, Relay for Life, is scheduled for Saturday, June 10th. Please join us for the fundraiser and our event. Thank-you.

Submitted by Stephanie Brown

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