One Dog Dead, One Recovering After Being Chained to Highway Median by Drug Crazed Man


NEWARK-Two dogs were chained to a highway median on Route 280 in Newark and abandoned by their owner, according to the Associated Humane Society.    Animal welfare officers were called to investigate and upon their arrival, found the dogs, one dead and the other wounded with severe injuries.

As an AHS animal welfare officer was trying to free the female dog, she was confronted by a man claiming to be the owners of the dog.

“Our AHS Newark animal control officer, Cinda, raced to the scene as soon as she received the call and the male could not be revived,” the AHS said in a statement. “Cinda worked on freeing the female from her restraints and just as she got her free, the owner of the dogs arrived on the scene. He began rambling and yelling about how much he loved his dogs and instructed Cinda to give the female back to him.”

AHS called the police after the man fled the scene.

“The irate man then grabbed the female pit bull and slammed her on the pavement, then took off running. Police were called, sketches were drawn of the owner but as is so often the case, the perpetrator will likely never be caught, and never be brought to justice,” AHS said.  “What can be said about a horror story such as this one except, we, as a society, need help. People that think treating animals in this manner needs lots and lots of help. What goes wrong in their mind that makes them feel as if they have the right to abuse and destroy an animal? We can only hope that such an individual will never, ever get another animal again.”

“Can you just imagine the terror that these dogs must have experienced,” AHS said. “The fear was just too much to bear for the male pit bull mix and as he tried with all his might to free himself, he only made his situation worse and sadly, he strangled himself in front of his helpless female friend.”

AHS named the white female pit bull Rose, after Rose from the movie Titanic, who helplessly watched as the one that she loved struggled and died.

“Rose is now resting comfortably in the medical department of our AHS Newark facility,” they said. “A thorough examination by our veterinarian revealed that Rose had a heavy collar or chain embedded in her neck at some point, and her ears are nearly torn to shreds. Rose is traumatized and deeply saddened by the loss of her canine companion, but she is still so happy to receive the help that she desperately needed, and is eager to see what the future holds for her.”

Rose will soon be transferred to the AHS Popcorn Park facility in Lacey township to continue her recovery.

The AHS is asking residents for donations to help pay for Rose’s treatment and recovery.

Please click here to donate to Res-Q Fund: or text ResQ to 501501 to make a $10.00 donation.

Check the AHS Facebook page for updates on Rose.

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