Prosecutor’s Office Calls Out Asbury Park Press Over Report on Double Murder

TOMS RIVER-Al DellaFave, the spokesman for Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Coronato today called out the local Gannett newspaper, The Asbury Park Press over claims that inside information was released to the paper outside of official channels.

DellaFave, known in media circles for quickly correcting erroneous facts in news stories pertaining to his office said the information definitely did not come from his office.

While the newspaper did not say the information came from the prosecutor’s office, after quoting a press release issued by DellaFave, the paper then continued to report on the suspected manner of death in a Lacey Township double homicide case that involved a man killing his wife and 7 year old son, before killing himself.   Citing “unnamed sources”, the manner of writing could lead some to believe it was an unauthorized leak from the Prosecutor’s office.

“Authorities would give few details about what happened, and declined to release the names of the victims,” the paper wrote.  “However, sources close to the investigation said that authorities believe that the father used a hammer to kill his wife, son and dog, and that he then used a knife to slit his own throat.”

“For the record, this information certainly did not come from OCPO. The husband’s autopsy hasn’t even been done yet to confirm manner of death,” DellaFave said. “Official announcements regarding this case will come only from me or in an official OCPO Release.”

DellaFave went on to call the newspaper irresponsible for quoting unnamed sources, a source of contention that also plagues President Donald Trump frequently in the mainstream media.

“It is irresponsible to be posting sensitive case information based on some unnamed source We ask for patience in allowing the investigation to move forward so that definitive facts can be reported,” he continued.  “Out of common decency the next of kin of these tragic victims deserve that respect.”

He said the newspaper’s report only seeks to profit from the murder suicide case to satisfy a morbid curiosity.

“It’s shameful that any media agency would feel it ok to traumatize a family further for the sake of profiting off of these tragic events or to satisfying someone’s morbid curiosity,” he said.

As of this posting, the paper did not change the published story.

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