Parris Island Marine Corps Recruits Graduating Early Ahead of Irma

PARRIS ISLAND, SC-It’s hard to find a single recruit aboard  the Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot who wouldn’t jump at the chance to leave the island early and this week, recruits from Fox Company, Second Recruit Training Battalion are doing just that.

With Hurricane Irma going on a course that could have it making landfall near one of America’s most famed recruit training facilities, the Marine Corps is making preparations to get some recruits off the island early.

Calm down, recruit, it’s just an hour.  Say, “aye, aye, sir!”

The Recruit Graduation for Fox Company previously scheduled for Friday,
Sept. 8, at 9 a.m., has been changed to Friday, Sept. 8, at 8 a.m.

At this time, the depot staff has not made any decisions to evacuate depot residents or recruits.

In the event of evacuation, recruits will be bused to a safe haven at the Marine Corps Logistics Base, Albany Georgia.  Unfortunately for the recruits, they will most likely be accompanied by their drill instructors, so the definition of “safe haven” remains cloudy.

Recruit Schmuckatelli reportedly has to run circles around his platoon’s bus enroute to Albany because he didn’t lock his rifle last night.

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