Wall Street Millionaire Democrat Phil Murphy Unveils his Plan to Increase Government Spending in New Jersey

TRENTON-The two candidates for Governor to succeed Chris Christie in New Jersey, Kim Guadagno and Phil Murphy squared off in their first public debate last night.

One candidate said New Jersey is ready to increase spending.  Murphy cited a $9 billion school spending increase, increase to workers pensions and salaries and potentially billions of dollars in infrastructure spending, but offered no hints at where that money would come from.

New Jersey Democrat and Wall Street millionaire, Phil Murphy repeatedly attacked the 2% property tax cap initiated by Governor Chris Christie, claiming New Jersey needs to provide more services and spend more money on infrastructure and education.

Murphy cited a $9 billion underfunding in New Jersey’s public school on several occasions during his debate with Kim Guadagno.  Murphy did not hide his plan to increase taxes and increase spending in New Jersey.

Murphy presented a plan for spending to New Jersey voters, but failed to deliver his plan on how to get the money he intends to spend.

“Phil Murphy has no plan to lower property taxes,” Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno said. Guadagno said Murphy, if elected governor taxes in New Jersey would skyrocket.

New Jersey is already one of the highest taxed in the nation.

Guadagno said Phil Murphy’s campaign was being waged against current Governor Chris Christie.  “The inconvenient truth for Phil is Chris Christie’s not on the ballot, I am,” she said.  “The people of New Jersey are taxed enough!”





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