Flap Over Campaign Signs Continues to Dominate Toms River Election Season

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TOMS RIVER-Campaign signs continue to be the center of debate in Toms River as Democrats and Republicans battle it out for control of the Toms River School Board and Municipal Council.

First, Republicans criticized Democrats for placing signs too early.

Next, Democrats criticized Republicans for placing campaign signs in a public park.

Today, Republicans are up in arms over campaign signs placed at the offices of Toms River School Board attorney Stephan Leone by Democrats seeking seats on the Toms River School Board, Horgan, Kaczala and Williams.

Still, actual platforms by both sides have been absent in this year’s election cycle.

On the Toms River School Board, Republicans Kubiel, Rhine and Schwartz are battling the Democrat Clean Slate team of Horgan, Kaczala and Williams.   Both sides are seeking control of the board.

A seventh candidate, Robert Onofrietti, an independent Republican without the official backing of either Toms River political club is also running for office this year.

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