Administrator: No County Patronage Job for Jackson Councilman

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TOMS RIVER-A report by PoliticsOC, a political insider news website, reported that Jackson Township Councilman Barry Calogero was possibly being groomed for an Ocean County patronage job.

In that report, editor Gavin Rozzi wrote, “Will Councilman Barry Calogero be the next Ocean County politician to receive a position in the county government or a lucrative appointment to one of the county’s political boards or commission?”

Rozzi reported based on email logs he obtained through a public records search which revealed Calogero’s resume was forwarded to Ocean County Administrator Carl Block by Jackson Township attorney and Ocean County Republican Club Chairman George Gilmore.

His resume was also sent to Keith J. Goetting, Director, Director of Employee Relations.

Screen capture by Gavin Rozzi, Rozzi Media.
Screen capture by Gavin Rozzi, Rozzi Media

Administrator Carl Block on Friday confirmed he was in receipt of Calogero’s email from the county chairman, but said he did not make any recommendations or pushes for Calogero to get hired.

“I know, the resume came from the county chairman, but all I did was forward it to the employee relations department,” Block said. “He did not get a job.”

Block also said he did not know who Calogero was or that he was a member of Jackson’s governing body at the time of the exchange, saying he learned about Calogero through the OC Politics article after the OPRA request was published.

Calogero was asked if he wanted to provide comment or present a statement regarding the unsuccessful attempt to find work within the county government.

“No”, he responded.






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