Toms River School Board Candidate Condemns Fight Between Dems and Republicans


Submitted by Robert Onofrietti,
Toms River School Board, Candidate 2017

Silly season is almost over and I’m sure that by now everybody’s tired of reading Facebook for all the political nonsense that is being thrown about and going to the mailbox for more propaganda mailers…It is absolutely ridiculous and an incredible waste of money that can used more wisely in our community. I’m wondering if anybody actually reads the mailers before they put them in the mail, or if anybody actually cares what they see when they go to their mailbox and get one?

It’s one thing to say that you’re for the children, then put nice pictures of different children on your flyer….most not even yours!! It’s one thing to say that your the new voice of TR and your team is fiscally responsible, but not on one mailer have I seen anyone lay out how exactly you’re going to do that.

For example, the last two years the school district was facing millions of dollars in state cuts. I led the charge on Trenton, worked tirelessly with our administration and our local lawmakers in order to reverse the certain harm that would come to Toms River. While waiting for the state to do the right thing for our community rather than raise taxes through roof, last year as board president I was a big proponent of the district self funding the gap in state aid and budgeted expenses. I voted yes to the school board being fiscally responsible and taking money out of our reserves in order to fill the holes to keep the burden off the taxpayers. That is what being fiscally responsible actually is!!

As the election draws near, I am urging everybody that reads this to like and share this message. I need your help now more then ever. I’m urging everybody again not to vote down party lines when it comes to the school board. What we need is a true independent voice that is loyal to the children and taxpayers of this town, not beholden to any Political club. I am committed to helping all 16,000 students in this district while keeping a very close eye on the taxpayers. Thank you to all of you who come to me asking how you can help because you know what I’m about as a board member. Thank you for telling me I always have the answers or I get them for you when you ask me questions about the school district. I am here for all of you taxpayers and all of your children and grandchildren in our schools.

I need your help keeping politics off the Toms River School board!!! Please vote line 3 and line 3 only on November 7th, and please help remind your friends and loved ones to vote that day along with you- #3
Robert Onofrietti-

I will continue to help move this district in the directions it needs to go in for all of our children. I will continue to make the best decisions and exhaust myself with ideas to keep our taxes down. I will continue to put politics aside and children first- For Real!

I’ve been climbing this mountain for 3 years now…and I will continue to show you it can be moved!

Robert Onofrietti


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