Board Declares Pool Privacy Curtain in Violation of Township Zoning Laws

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JACKSON-A Jackson Township homeowner on White Road was summoned before the township zoning board to discuss a privacy barrier he erected around his family’s swimming pool.

Shneur Verschleiser, was told by the zoning board that the shower curtain-like material he used to shield his pool for privacy purposes did not meet the requirements set forth by the zoning board.

According to the zoning board, such a barrier could be made from e wood, masonry, stone, wire, metal or other types of materials, adding that a collapsible cloth 10 feet in height was not permitted.

The homeowner’s pool, according to the official minutes of the zoning board does have the required 4 feet tall safety fence around its perimeter, but officials here have said a variance would be required to use the curtain.

Although the board told Verschleieser the curtain falls under the category of fencing, but he rebutted that claim.

“I see it as a curtain and not a fence,” he told the board.

“Curtains are not permitted and if you call it a curtain, you’ll need a use variance,” replied board planner Ernie Peters.  “By you calling it a curtain, it doesn’t match our ordinance.”

Board attorney Sean Gertner added, “A curtain isn’t permitted and requires a use variance. I asked you to refute it and you went back to the curtain variance. Nothing precludes 2 fences or screening.”

The board advised the homeowner to consult with a professional on the matter.

One resident in attendance, who lives approximately two miles from the home in question said he felt the screening of the pool from view is a safety issue that puts people at risk.

The issue of homeowners installing privacy screens around their pool in Jackson had been a heated debate this past summer as residents have lodged complaints and called township code enforcement officers against the homes of Orthodox Jewish residents seeking privacy in their pools.

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