Are Republicans Cowards? Nancy Pelosi Thinks So


LIBERALAND, USA-Today, top national Democrat Nancy Pelosi called Republicans “cowardly” in an email marketing message to donors.   Pelosi was seeking to build the DCCC’s marketing email list by having followers sign a petition against Trump’s actions as President.

“Sign my petition,” Pelosi begged. “I need 5O,OOO immediate signatures CONDEMNING Trump and his Republicans’ dangerous attacks on the Russia investigation. >> I demand to know what this President is hiding.”

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In a communication that looks more like one written by a Saudi prince who had just inherited the crown from his dying brother, but has no way to convert his millions into cash in his war-torn country, she went and said America’s Republicans are all “Cowards”.

“This disturbing series of events threatens the very fabric of our democracy and the safety of every election we hold,” she said.  “Republicans are clearly too cowardly to hold this President accountable — so it’s up to us.”