Inside the Trump Press Pool: Melania’s Dress Value is Important

Inside the Press Pool, a look behind the scenes of the mainstream media’s coverage of President Donald Trump. Tonight, in Belgium, the talk of the Trump’s visit with Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel is all about the First Lady’s dress so far…

by CNN’s Kate Bennett

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Tonight’s leader and spouses dinners (there are two) are being held at the Musees Royaux D’Art et Histoire (art and history museum. All of the invitees walked through the entrance of the park, and were greeted by Belgian PM Charles Michel — later they would proceed through a covered walkway, along a spotless blue carpet, emerging at the foot of the steps to the museum.

(Your pooler while holding for 90 minutes watched two dedicated vacuumers furiously cleaning every inch of the carpet).

Melania Trump is tonight wearing a white, sleeveless, tea length Elie Saab cocktail dress. For those curious, no, Mr. Saab is not Belgian. He is Lebanese and shows his collections in Paris. The first lady’s dress tonight is made of sheer tulle with white yarn embroidery. (Found by your pooler online retailing for $7,450.)

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The Trumps, holding hands, walked up the stairs with the Prime Minister of Estonia and his wife.

Your pooler was able to shout a question to the president and asked how the he felt today went. “Very good. Very good day at NATO,” he answered.

Potus and flotus then entered the doors of the museum, where the president will go one way to the leaders’ working dinner, and FLOTUS to another room for the spouses dinner. The chef for the dinner is Sang Hoon Degeimbre, who a press cheat sheet tells me is the two star chef of L’Air du Temps. He is known for making meals using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients. Fun fact: his restaurant garden produces 90% of the vegetables, fruits and herbs it uses.

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