Police Capture Car Burglar in Brick

BRICK-On 09/10/2018 at 0121 hours Ptl. Docherty and Ptl. Riccio #289 responded to 200 block of Riviera Dr. in reference to a burglary in progress to a vehicle. The caller advised he observed a male dressed in all black near his vehicle located in the driveway of his residence.

While in route to the scene Ptl. Riccio observed a male dressed in all black clothing walking near the intersection of 23rd Ave and McKinley Ct, approximately two blocks from the caller’s residence. Ptl. Riccio approached the suspect, who identified himself as Justin Longstreet, 27 years old, White, male, Brick, NJ. Ptl. Gordon, Ptl. Person, and Ptl. Docherty arrived on scene to assist.

Longstreet stated he was walking from the River Rock Bar pointing towards the location of the caller’s home.

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Officers asked Longstreet for identification to which he replied he did not have any. Officers observed a wallet in Justin’s sweat pant pocket which when questioned about the wallet, Longstreet stated the wallet was not his and he had found it on the street pointing towards Riviera Drive. Officers took possession of the wallet looking at the contents inside. Inside of the wallet were credit cards belonging to a resident that lived on 16th Avenue. Ptl. Albanese arrived on scene, took possession of the wallet and responded to the victim’s residence.

While Ptl. Albanese responded to the residence Officers spoke to Longstreet. While speaking with Longstreet he turned his body, at which point he attempted to run from Officers. Longstreet ran approximately fifteen feet before Ptl. Gordon grabbed Longstreet attempting to place him under arrest. Longstreet physically resisted Ptl. Gordon’s control resulting in Ptl. Gordon falling to the ground with Longstreet. Ptl. Gordon sustained a minor contusion to his right knee and minor abrasions to his face during the struggle. Ptl. Person, Ptl. Docherty, and Riccio assisted in placing Longstreet into custody. While on the ground Longstreet continued attempting to assault Officers. After a brief struggle Longstreet was placed into custody.

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Longstreet was placed under arrest and transported to HQ where he was processed. It was confirmed that the wallet was stolen from an unlocked GMC Canyon that was parked on 16th Ave. The wallet was returned to the victim.

The initial caller provided video footage of a male fitting Longstreet’s general description going onto his driveway and attempting to enter a vehicle that was locked.

Longstreet was charged with Burglary, Theft, Obstructing the administration of law, Resisting Arrest, and two counts of Aggravated assault. Longstreet was processed and transported to the Ocean County Jail where he was lodged.

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