Exact Change Lanes Being Removed from Garden State Parkway


TRENTON-Throwing your coins in the basket along the Garden State Parkway will become part of history in New Jersey this fall.

“The automatic coin machines are being removed from the mainline barrier toll plazas on the Garden State Parkway. The coin lanes are being replaced with Full Service or E-ZPass Only lanes,” the NJ Parkway & Turnpike Authority announced.

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The impact, according to the authority, will be ‘minimal’.

“The mainline barrier plazas are staffed at all hours. If you want to continue using exact change, you simply will be handing it to a toll collector instead of dropping it into a coin basket. Just make sure you select a Full Service lane rather than an E-ZPass Only lane,” the authority claimed.

The change will affect the way nearly 20% of motorists using the Parkway will commute to work.  80% of motorists currently use EZ Pass, the rest use money.