Russo Vows to Continue Fight Against Howell Dump Site

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waste dump of wood in the netherlands at almere in province of flevoland

HOWELL-Howell Township is a growing, changing town experiencing similar growing pains as neighboring towns like Jackson.   Residents have been battling against rapid overdevelopment, traffic congestion and maintaining a balance between what Howell is and what Howell can be in the near future.

One pain Howell can’t seem to shake is a recycling center being pushed through political channels and forced upon the residents of Howell.    The recycling center on Randolph Road was quietly making its way through the layers of New Jersey red tape.  It was only after it was reported here at Shore News Network in July, after a government insider tipped us off that residents became aware of what was happening behind closed doors.

Now, the fight against the dump, which could change the fabric of the surrounding communities forever has become a public battle, apparently put on hold until after this upcoming election, but one candidate for council in Howell expressed his opposition to the project this week,

“I write to express my full and complete opposition to the proposed expansion of the waste transfer station off Randolph Road,” candidate Tommy Russo said.  “I am a lifetime resident of Howell Township who grew up in Ramtown. Growing up down the road from the proposed expansion site, I know the landscape, roadways and infrastructure in that area like the back of my hand.”

Russo said he will do whatever it takes if elected to oppose the county’s effort to force the dump in his backyard.

“I have driven Randolph Road regularly since I obtained my drivers license,’ he said.  “I do not believe the proposed expansion site is suited for this type of use, nor do I believe the roadways to be adequately suited to withstand the increased traffic this project would bring. As such, I will do everything in my power to prevent the expansion of the waste transfer station.”

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He pledged his commitment to continue fighting along with his neighbors against the Randolph Road recycling station and the “Stop the Dump” group working to promote the effort against the facility.

“Additionally, I applaud this organization for all of the hard work they have done to raise awareness of the proposed expansion,” he added. “They have truly made a difference in the hearts and minds of so many residents and I look forward to the prospect of working and fighting along side of them in the coming months as a member of the council.”

You can learn more about Russo and his campaign team at

Shore News Network broke the story on the Howell Dump over a year ago.  If not for our investigative reporting, the project was being pushed through the political handshake network of Monmouth County. Here’s our coverage to date.