Democrats Warn: Don’t Let Governor Murphy Steal Your Vote…Here’s How to Avoid It

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TOMS RIVER-Political absurdity can’t get any worse when it comes to the Ocean County Democrats.  Their inner circle of diehard supporters is getting smaller by the day as key political allies are walking away.  That’s because, according to those walking away, the party has been taken over by the angry and progressive left.

Now, the inexperienced young liberals running the show are complaining about, “Don’t let them steal your vote.”  The reality is, the “Them” they are talking about is none other than Governor Phil Murphy.

Yesterday, the club posted on Facebook, “Don’t let them steal your vote.”

They are referring to a new law passed by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy, their esteemed leader that strips voting at the ballot box from anyone who has previously requested a mail-in ballot.

We got to the bottom of this with the man in the know, Ocean County Clerk Scott Colabella.  Colabella oversees elections in Ocean County.  Apparently, thanks to Chairman Murphy, anyone who has ever registered to vote by mail is now locked into it until they opt out.
It’s too late to opt out for the 2018 election, but Colabella said there are options for voters despite Murphy’s action.

The Ocean County Clerk’s office sent out a notification in early September advising voters of the new State Law mandating that our office send voters a Vote by Mail Ballot for all future elections due to the fact that you were issued a Vote by Mail Ballot for the Nov 2016 General Election.   Like most people, even I discarded that letter from the county without opening it.

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Those who wanted to opt out had to do so prior to September 14th.

Anyone who did not opt out received a vote by mail ballot.  That is how you vote this year.

“You can vote this ballot or vote by provisional ballot at the polls on Election Day,” Colabella said.  “If you desire to opt out of receiving a Vote by Mail Ballot for all future elections you need to notify our office in writing.”

If you show up to the polls on Election Day and your name is not on the list, simply ask for a provisional ballot. You will be given one by the poll worker because the only person trying to refuse your right to vote this year is Phil Murphy.