Phil Murphy Salts Roads in Anticipation of Fog Across New Jersey

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TRENTON-Nobody is sure where Governor Phil Murphy is getting his weather forecasts from these days, but it certainly isn’t NJ’s most entrusted weatherman, Dan Zarrow, of NJ 101.5.  Murphy who has essentially black balled the station, which most previous Governors maintained a balanced relationship, despite their criticism of New Jersey Government once again didn’t get the memo.

Zarrow’s Monday weather forecast for the Garden State revealed a band of showers crossing the state, calling for only a chance of snowflakes in the extreme northwestern portions of Sussex County.  Instead, the state received a blanket of drizzle overnight and morning fog.

For most of the state, it’s a dry start to a decent weather day,” Zarrow predicted.

Skies will feature a mix of sun and clouds Monday (more clouds north, more sun south coast). High temperatures will range from the mid 40s (north) to the mid 50s (south). Normal high temperatures right now are between 53 (north) and 55 (south) degrees. So again, not too bad — just a seasonable November chill in the air,” he predicted this past weekend.

Just days after blaming weather forecasters, which did predict last week’s snowfall days ahead of the storm, NJ101.5 reported Murphy decided to play it safe Sunday night, salting and brining highways across New Jersey.


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