Lakewood Home Invasion Case That Left Elderly Activists Incapacited Still Remains Unsolved

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LAKEWOOD-Authorities have yet to figure out who broke into the home of Rob and Patricia Robison and brutally beat them on August 29th.    The Robisons were assaulting during a nighttime home invasion inside their gated Fairways adult community in Lakewood.

The couple were community activists, vocal in their opposition against turning the Eagle Ridge Golf Course into a housing project.

On August 29th, Lakewood Police responded to their home to find Mr. Robison injured and beaten in his garage and his wife beaten inside their home.     Both were rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center for treatment of serious injuries.

Robison spoke publicly for the first time after being assaulted.

He thanked the community for their overwhelming support during their ordeal that has now carried into its third month.

“Overall, we’re doing quite well,” he told residents of the Fairways homeowners association. “Lots of therapy and lots of medical appointments, but we’re really doing quite well and again, thanks to so many great people.”

Robison said the assault on him and his wife left them both completely incapacitated.  During their stay in the hospital, he said they were both under police protection and even assigned aliases to shield their identity from the public.

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He said his given name by law enforcement was “Walter White”, after the lead character from the television show Breaking Bad.

“That’s history, we can laugh about it now,” he continued at the meeting.

What’s not history is the investigation into who brutally beat Robison and his wife, at least that’s what the Ocean County community is praying for.

Law enforcement officials have not made any arrests in the case and considering the severity of the incident and profile in nature, the case remains unsolved.     Authorities have released very few details about the incident to date and newly appointed Ocean County Prosecutor Bradley Billhimer has remained silent on the incident as well.

Robison did not say whether or not he and his wife will continue fighting the plan to turn their community’s golf course into housing, but his spirits appeared high this week.